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From Daoism to Confucianism, and traditional Chinese medicine to the principles of feng shui and yin yang, Ba Yan Ka La a embraces 5, 000 years of Chinese wisdom of herbal Chinese knowledge and tradition., We enhance the power of herbal and plant extracts to bring to you an exceptionally high standard in each creation, ensured the efficacy of the product and safe for your skin.

Courses, workshops, webinars, forums, internships and more; we combined the best experiences and the most efficient teaching methods to deliver great quality content, and useful expertise in a fast and easy way.

从道教到儒教, 中医、风水、阴阳平衡, 巴颜喀拉传承、运用中国5000年的智慧,中草药知识和传统。 我们加强使用中草药和植物提取物, 创作出高标准产品,并确保产品的功效和对皮肤的安全性。

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