Bayankala Privacy Protection Terms

Bayankala respects your privacy rights and values your relationship with us. When visiting this website visitors are expected to comply with this privacy rights policy and our applied conditions.

This privacy policy is an introduction to the Bayankala website’s ( collection of personal information, how we use that information, and who we share this information with. Our privacy policy also introduces what measures we take to protect the safety of your private information as well as how you may check, edit, or delete your personal information. This policy also explains how you may refuse our handling of your information or how you may decline in accepting our products or communication services.

Please note that this privacy policy is only applicable to the information provided online to Bayankala through the Bayankala website ( This policy is not applicable to any other information or communication involving Bayankala, for example, information at Bayankala’s special counters at our physical retail stores.

Information Collection and Usage

While visiting Bayankala’s website, you may provide us with your personal information. For example, when filling out online survey forms or user login forms or when buying products at Bayankala’s website, you may be requested to provide some information such as your contact information (name, email address, mailing address, and phone number), age range, gender, skin care/cosmetic needs, and the brands and products you use. When you place your order on the Bayankala website, we also need to know your delivery address and payment address, credit card or debit card number, issuing company, and expiration date. In order to protect your personal identity information, users logging in or registering on our website must enter a user name, email address, and password. If you do not want us to collect any of your personal information, please do not provide it.

Usage of Personal Information on Bayankala’s Website

Email Marketing

With your permission, we can take your provided information to create and send out to you business communications and surveys as well as other communications (“emails”) including product information or sales events. If at the beginning you choose to accept these types of emails but later wish to not receive such emails, you may click a cancellation option to cancel this subscription.

Service Communication

If you choose to provide your contact information to us, we will use any means, including email, to send out service announcements from Bayankala’s website as well as contact you regarding your customer service needs and order form problems. For example, all registered users will receive a welcome email in order to confirm registration. This kind of communication is to better serve you, answer your questions, and to allow Bayankala to provide top-quality service to its customers.

Special Events, Questionnaires, and Surveys

Bayankala sometimes sponsors special events (such as competitions, lotteries, or other events), questionnaires, and surveys. Regarding the use of your provided personal information for these special events, you will be able to see explanations about the special rules for the sales event. We strongly recommend that before participating in a sales event that you first read the relevant rules. If the relevant special event, questionnaire, or survey does not use special rules, the handling of personal information will be done according to this privacy policy and the aforementioned goals.

Usage of Cookies

When surfing this website, we will put a cookie (a very small labeled text file) in the computer you are using. This website’s server can only read the information on the cooking regarding your record of activity on this website.

The Information we Share and Who it is Shared With
Except in the situations described in “transfer of business” or in situations where a third-party has been appointed by us as a distributor for sales and delivery, we will not give your personal information to third-parties to advertise their products or services to you, without your consent. Except for the stipulations listed in this clause, we will not sell or divulge in any way the personal information of visitors to Bayankala’s website.


We may share your personal information with our distributors and associated companies selling Bayankala’s products. Bayankala, in accordance with this privacy rights policy and with your consent, may use such information to send you emails about product information, instructions, and sales events. If you wish to not have us or Bayankala share your personal information, please do not provide your information to us. Under these circumstances, we cannot give you the preferential treatment offered on Bayankala’s website.


We may employ other companies or individuals, in accordance with this privacy rights policy, to represent us in carrying out our obligations. These include data analysis companies, customer support professionals, email providers, internet service companies, and logistics service companies (such as mail coordinating companies and others). In order to allow these third-parties to fulfill their obligations, we may provide them with the necessary personal customer information. However, when using this information, the third party may not use it for any other purpose. These third-parties shall adhere to this privacy rights policy.

Please note that the products you order on Bayankala’s website will all be purchased and sent from our appointed distributor. In order to facilitate the sale, delivery of goods, and sending of the bill of costs, we will provide your personal information to the distributor. The distributor, when fulfilling its related service duty to you including the sale, delivery of goods, and sending of the bill of costs, is contractually obliged to not use the customer’s personal information for any purposes outside this essential scope.

Additionally, in some situations, we may seek your opinion on whether or not to release your information to a third-party, such as for events or sales promotions from our cosponsors. If you agree, we will release your personal information to the third-party for their own purposes. Your information will then be used in accordance with their privacy policy.

Compliance with the Law

In order to comply with the relevant laws, rules, legal procedures, or government requests, we may reveal all required information. Additionally, in order to avoid personal harm, economic loss, or related potential or actual illegal activities, we may reveal any necessary information, if need be.

Privacy for Children

If you are not 18 years of age, you may surf our website but you may not provide your personal information to us. That is to say, you cannot register or buy our products. The website is not designed for those under 18 years of age. We will not knowingly collect anyone’s personal information that is under the age of 18. If we discover that we have accidentally obtained the personal information of a visitor under the age of 18, we will delete this information from our records.

How to Protect Personal InformationWe have adopted reasonable security measures for Bayankala’s website in order to avoid unauthorized divulgence, use, editing, or destruction of personal information provided through the Bayankala website. Considering that you visited our website through the public internet, we have gone through an open website, namely the internet, to collect your provided information. If this open website is attacked by hackers, your personal information may be seen or used by an unauthorized third-party. 

Updates to Privacy Rights Policy

We may occasionally edit this privacy rights policy. If we decide to update our privacy rights policy, we will announce the edited policy here. We suggest that you regularly check this privacy rights policy. You can find the effective date for this privacy policy at the top of this page.

The worldwide copyrights for this document are the property of Bayankala Trading (Shanghai) Company Ltd.

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