Leo Li


“Les Moments”

captures life in the present moment. Meet the heart of China’s art scene and the people who shape our culture and our city. Get inspired with us as they share their journeys of creating meaningful and beautiful lives.

In today’s Les Moments, our series where we spotlight rising young creatives, we bring you Leo Li.

An up-and-coming star in Shanghai’s burgeoning art scene, Leo explores the world of art through his lens. Building on his background in photojournalism, Leo immersed himself in fashion photography from an early age, and his work has since evolved into capturing real, personal and casual moments -- emotion in the present.

Leo’s artistic worldview is to present the essence of stories in their most authentic form. His styles pursues the balance and union of minimalism and naturalism, bringing new perspective to contemporary photography.

The natural modern beauty found in his work makes a perfect partner to BA YAN KA LA’s philosophy, resulting in an organic collaboration on multiple explorations of art.

Self-Discovery Exhibition

Title: Dissection

Dissection explores more than what can be seen with the naked eye. Leo Li seeks to examine the depths of living objects through images rendered on acrylic pieces.

Two layers of life can be seen -- the outer mask and the nearly invisible layers beneath. Li brings a unique perspective on life by expanding one’s vision and the dissecting the anatomy of truth.