Andrew Wang


“Les Moments”

captures life in the present moment. Meet the heart of China’s art scene and the people who shape our culture and our city. Get inspired with us as they share their journeys of creating meaningful and beautiful lives.

“My music, my self-discovery”

Andrew, a long time fan of BA YAN KA LA shares his thought about Self discovery.“Self Discovery is one part being aware and absolutely honest with who you are, acknowledgement and acceptance to the possibilities of inevitable changes we are forced to grow through as we progress with time.

We should therefore keep questioning not only the world, but ourselves. The external world is just as important as the inner ecosystem. To keep training, experimenting, course-correcting, and simply growing is self discovery.

Q: Which sense & how does it allow you to explore your self discovery..

Sound and visual are my main senses, with visual actually being at the fore. This is why I love producing both videos and music; Both when merged, form their own channel of emotions and reality.

“The sounds give pulse, while visuals provide the story, structure, context, aesthetics.”

The ability to see and listen to the works of other creators help me gain new perspectives; this process helps me self-discover what I may have not have otherwise alone as well. I love all forms of music, I have learned to appreciate and embrace all genres of music – even those I would usually avoid because this is how I can truly broaden my mind’s horizon and learn.

Andrew process of composing music is first through mood. Feeling is everything, without feeling, one could not sense. Without sensing, there is no experience.

Explain what you “feel or sense” when you use BA YAN KA LA Puer collection

I sense the purity, transparency, and honesty with self – to relieve from the everyday noise/distraction, while re-meeting with the core of our identity.

“Music not only awakens the soul but powers it”

About Artist: Andrew is currently Founder, Producer, Videographer of RECQUIXIT. His company focuses on creating hyper-impact videos for brands and businesses, so they too, can grow their business.