Auriga Spa Capella Hotel



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Centered in the heart of Shanghai’s French Concession lies a place of serenity where you can leave the world behind, if only for a moment.

Auriga Spa is named after Auriga, a constellation in the northern hemisphere that contains Capella, the sixth brightest star in the sky. The name heralds the myths and tales we told of the mystical sky we live beneath.


Travel back in time to the traditional clusters of shikumen architecture in the 1930s. Auriga Spa is an escape from the city, a sanctuary of peace and silence for rejuvenation.

Mood & Design

A mellow gold with a tinted amber glow connects us to our inner-self. Blue and turquoise accents interlace the spa to pacify our nervous system and bring greater relaxation, connecting us to holistic thought for clarity and an enhanced mind.


Immerse yourself in the duality of ancient Traditional Chinese Wellness (TCW) and the latest innovations in spa technologies and treatments. End each treatment showered in luxury with the refreshing BA YAN KA LA Tibetan Roseroot body care collection before you step back out with confidence into the vibrant city.

Signature Treatments

The Spa tailors treatments according to the lunar cycle, designing them to reflect and balance varying energies during the phases – New, Full, Waxing and Waning. Sleep therapy, qi balance management and the classic Chinese massage are among the spa’s signature treatments.

Your First Visit

Auriga Spa manager, Annie, suggests you first soak in the Himalayan salt room to detox and remove stress from your system. Then enjoy a two-hour Chinese massage and full-body scrub, before using steam to replace negative energy with nourishment for a balanced body, mind and fully renewed senses. Annie Shao, Director of Auriga Spa


Call +86 21 5466 9928 for pre-treatment consultations and reservations.