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BA YAN KA LA collaborated once again with Leo Li and Cindy Dee for a pop-up event titled Blinding Lights. The evening was hosted at Daliah, an eclectic eatery that doubles as a playground and event space on the corner of Shaanxi North and Beijing West Road. Home to one of the best burgers in town, Daliah hosts weekly can’t-miss cultural events and is a steadfast advocate of the artistic community.

In a one-night-only event, Leo showcases photography expressing an interpretation of friendship with a sense of belonging and security.

Blinding Lights explores the dynamic relationships amongst a group of humans, sometimes in love, and sometimes in mistaken, complicated triangles.

BA YAN KA LA selected a scent for the night at Daliah -- a fragrance of celebration that layered notes of Apple, Vanilla and Jasmine to gracefully blend with Leo’s exhibit. Neon spotlights of pinks, purples and blues swirled with the music, creating vibes of love and peace among the crowd.