Dina Dally


“Les Moments”

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“I constantly remind myself about the importance of staying healthy – that way, I stay inspired.”

Dina, Marketing Manager at Kate Wood
@ Katewood

I’m often meeting clients at the store or attending events. Meeting people from different professions and cultures makes my job so fulfilling. This daily interaction is always the highlight of my day.

My diet.. I eat a variety of fruits and seeds for vitamins and protein and keep myself hydrated throughout the day with a lot of water. A sip of water can instantly spring me back to life.

My lifestyle..

I love the city and its fast momentum, which keeps me going at work. To balance out its pace, I like to keep my daily rituals simple and I like to find time to relax at home when out of work. At home, I enjoy great jazz music to soothe my soul. Once in a while, I’ll dance along to it.

My moment..

I love taking yoga or go for a nice run on a weekly basis. I do not miss a day without using BA YAN KA LA Tibetan Roseroot Bodywash in my shower. I love the eucalyptus essential oil in it because I’m reminded of Bali, one of my favorite destinations. It always puts me in the right mood.

About Kate Wood

Dina shares with us her vision of shaping a greener world through Kate Wood, a socially-conscious brand famous for its handcrafted goods. www.katewood.com