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Nicole Zhang embodied the beautiful strength of red during her 6th Anniversary Art Exhibition “Nicole Zhang and Friends.” The theme “No seasons, no gender, no time and no region” was a reminder of the unity of friendship.

Uniting through color and scent, BA YAN KA LA co-created this milestone by enveloping the exhibition with a rose blend and surprising guests with deliciously-scented natural soap gifts.

Red stands for

"Strength. Love. Joy. Passion. Energy"

Nicole, Founder & Designer at Nicole Zhang

About Nicole Zhang

Nicole Zhang combines 80s style with Asian cultural elements by breaking and reshaping the traditional models of fabric. The result is a minimalist touch expressing a woman’s boundless nature.

About BA YAN KA LA’s Tibetan Roseroot Collection

Inspired by a sacred root used for centuries by Tibetan monks, BA YAN KA LA has infused its extract with essential oils that brings forth an olfactory reminder of inner strength and peace.

What does Red symbolize to you?