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The freshly opened Peacock Room is setting new standards for fusion Sichuan cuisine in the heart of Shanghai. Song Yuxin, owner of the Yu Ba Xian restaurant group, and Andy Hall of MQ Studios, designer of The Nest, have come together to elevate Chinese fine dining.

As you start down the entrance corridor, you’ll find yourself surrounded by warm mystic red, setting the mood for a sensual, sophisticated dining experience. The dining area is made intimate with each table cocooned in privacy, lit in warm orange and golden glows.

The Peacock Room wraps taste, atmosphere and scent together create an extraordinary dining experience.

To enhance the evening experience, Song selected BA YAN KA LA as an exclusive partner to pamper clients, with our Mulberry collection toiletries, artfully blending Orange, Geranium and Lemongrass essential oils enhanced with Mulberry extract.