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Founder of Z&B Fitness and barre trainer extraordinaire, Siri Nordheim caught up with us on a break between classes to share some tips on how to lead a healthy lifestyle while juggling a business and two daughters.

Daily Habits for Energy

“For vitamins I get a smoothie from ZBar, and add essential oils like lemon or mint to my water for some zing!”

Workout Motivational Tips

“Schedule the time in your diary, don’t cancel and stick to your routine. I think of working out as ‘me time’ and feel accomplished afterwards.”


“BA YAN KA LA is a lovely brand and a great fit for our gym, with packaging that looks great and products that smell even better!”

Siri’s Daily Routine

“We have breakfast as a family -- being at the table together is my favorite time of day. Then I drop my oldest at school and head to the studio to teach MYBarre. That gives me so much energy that I go straight to meetings with the team and organize the studios.

Lunches are usually working lunches, but I try to make them healthy before I spend playtime with my girls for around dinner. James and I rotate teaching at nights or doing bath and story time with the girls, then catch up on work once they’re in bed.”

Stress Relief Tips

“I hit the gym when I’m stressed to give me more energy and time to think. When that doesn’t a work, a good night out with the girls and some dancing can do the trick.”