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“A love affair with Home”


“There’s nowhere better than home,” Xiao Jia proclaims after returning from a long business trip around China, sourcing materials for her next Home Bijoux brand pieces. We caught up with Xiao Jia, founder of Home Bijoux, to talk about her inspirations and our new BA YAN KA LA x Home Bijoux fine fragrance candle, “Bronze”.

What makes a house, an apartment, a condo, into a Home? The feeling of being “at home” can’t be bought. Home is a personal and intimate relationship we create within ourselves and our spaces. For Xiao Jia, “Home” is a love affair.

“It depends on how we shape it.”

“Comfort, pleasure and sanctuary is what I look at most closely in homes,” Xiao Jia explains about her creative process. “It should be a place that feels like it’s your little nest that you want to just cuddle into.” How Home makes us feel emotionally is far more important than how it looks.

Home requires a personalized touch, with each room holding something that you love. Objects that hold our memories help restore us.

“We named one of our cushion The Cuddly Cushion. The goal was to make the most cuddly pillow anyone could imagine, that would automatically make anyone feel happy when they embrace it.”

XiaoJia on BA YAN KA LA

“I like that they use pure essential oils to formulate scents. I’m immediately washed in relaxation when I smell their products, which are made even more special by the fact that they use Chinese herbal ingredients.”

On Crafting “Bronze”

“I like smells that are fully layered, revealing their delicacies one after another. Clothes need to be layered, food requires layering ingredients, even my skincare products need layering! I caught up with Dewi from BA YAN KA LA to create a unique new fragrance for the “Bronze” Home Bijoux scented candle. She developed a scent with head notes of Tea, Lemon and Rose and more subtle layers of Cedar, Jasmine and Sandalwood. I love the complex scent, it’s like meeting someone alluring that draws you in, and makes you want to get to know them more deeply.”

The Home Routine

When I get back home from a long business trip, I always prepare myself a bath. First I put on a classical music playlist, then pour some BA YAN KA LA bath salts into the tub. Soaking in the bath brings me peace and calm -- plus the smell of the candle and bath salts carries me to the sea. I love the sea, so imagining myself on the shore is my favorite fantasy.”

About Home Bijoux

Xiao Jia Wang is the founder of Home Bijoux, a home interior brand specializing in

Chinese luxury craftsmanship. Their best selling items are the Emperor & Empress Gown, Cuddly Cushion, and Bronze candle. This contemporary brand brings a refined aesthetic to modern spaces that is enriched with colors, texture and memories of beautiful living.