“Journey of Self Discovery”

Through five senses you have experienced what we call existence.

BA YAN KA LA along with eight artists have come together to share with you their self-discovery journeys.

A voyage through 6 dimensional senses.


By Constance Zimmermann

Through the filters and pressure imposed by society, people and strangers, Inside Out captures a young Generation Z’s take on today’s world. Constance Zimmermann explores the concept of people as a reflection of things around them and remaining true to oneself living in an ever-changing society – all through the lens of living in China as a Third Generation Child.


By Alëna Olasyuk

Square = Earth
Circle = Universe
Standing grounded, we peer towards the universe around us while also embracing its vastness within us. When we take the path to un- derstand ourselves, we understand the Universe.
In Heaven Earth Oneness, Alëna Olasyuk uses a woodcarving tech- nique to carve Earth and Heaven harmoniously, destined as One.


By Leo Li

Dissection explores more than what can be seen through the eyes.
Leo Li seeks further depth of living objects, im- ages rendered on acrylic pieces. Two layers of the life can be seen - first the outer mask and second, the microscopic layer of that object. Li brings a unique perspective on life by ex- panding one’s vision and the anatomy of truth.


by Cyril & Guillaume

In today’s society, people often take their routine for granted. The Journey Continues explores a life of a man’s routine throughout the day. A content life is about building a life of happiness throughout the journey. At the end of the film, the man looks out towards the sky. As the journey continues, he looks forward to where tomorrow will bring him.


by Cécile Petit

An interplay between the sacred world and the profane reality. Cécile artwork shows the duality of both universe all intertwined. Using black and white to illustrate the opposition, and gold nuance to depict the magic and illumination of the two forces.


By Fenghao

Using BA YAN KA LA’s Pu’er collection as a muse for his work, Sound of the Scent, Fenghao’s piece expresses his mind wan- dering off to a faraway, white sandy beach. Says Fenghao, “I’m relaxing there, sipping a cocktail and enjoying the sound of the waves that play alongside a beautiful Bossa Nova song.


By Dewi

Dewi explores the walk down the path to self-discovery, through ob- serving and employing the senses. Look outside, yet try to observe within. The truth lies beyond the apparent and beyond the noise around.

When you listen to the voice inside and above the glitz and glamour that’s around, there exists a deeper layer beyond what can be seen or felt. The true journey into self discovery is one without filters and without artificial elements - the birth of the absolute self.